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Yoga for athletes: calm and relaxing techniques

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It is undeniably true that stress is ever-present; however, the good news is that we have yoga. Yoga entails a series of stationary and moving poses coupled with deep breathing. Besides reducing stress and anxiety, yoga is also beneficial in improving strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance. Because one can suffer injuries if they practice yoga incorrectly, one must take a professional approach; one can hire a private teacher, attend group classes, or at least have some video instructions from professionals to follow. This article explores some of the calming and relaxing Yoga techniques that athletes can follow.

Best calming and relaxing yoga techniques

Though almost all yoga classes end in a relaxation pose, classes that tend to focus on steady, slow movement, gentle stretching, and deep breathing work best to relieve stress through the calming and relaxing of the body. Some of these include;
I. Hatha Yoga: This is especially suitable for beginners as it works sensibly gentle to relieve stress.
II. Satyananda: This is a traditional yoga type that features deep relaxation, meditation, and gentle poses, making it suitable for relieving stress.
III. Power yoga: With a focus and pose that is highly intense, power yoga is suited both for relaxation and stimulation.
As you practice yoga postures, you must think about your self-care and have your own moment-to-moment. Below are some Yoga workouts to ensure a calm and relaxed body and mind.
1. Easy pose(Sukhasana): Ensure you are seated in a comfortable position, and your legs are crossed, with your pelvis in a neutral position and your feet relaxed. Concentrate on your breathing, feeling your body’s sensation. Have a minute sited, and while being internally aware, feel the deep sensation inside you.
2. Shoulder roll: In forward round motions, roll your shoulders four times and then backward for the same number of times. After you’ve finished breathing in, ensure your hands are over your head and exhale as you bring your hands together at the level of the chest.
3. Neck Roll: Let your head lean towards your chest and gradually turn the head to the right and left three times in a complete circle. Allow yourself to feel and enjoy the feeling. Go back to the easy pose lifting the crown of your head up.
4. Cow pose(Bitilasana): Drop your belly to the mat as you breathe in and proceed to lift your chest and chin, looking up to the ceiling pulling your shoulders away from your ears.
5. Tabletop Position (Bharmanasana): Steadily move onto your knees and hands, having your knees under your hips and wrists directly under your shoulders. You should ensure that your palms are on the floor, with fingers facing forward, ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed on the palms. Ensure that your head is at the center, and with a soft gaze look downward in a neutral position.
6. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana): Steadily move your hands to your feet, releasing the shoulder and neck muscles. Allowing your legs to say straight, proceed to release your head’s weight.
7. Cat pose(Marjaryasana): Exhale as your stomach moves towards your spine and round your back to the ceiling. Gently release your head’s top towards the floor.
8. Downward-facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana): Tuck your toes beneath your feet, press your palm on the floor and raise your hip as you move your tailbone towards the ceiling. Push back your heels down to the mat, and it’s not a must that they touch the ground. Allow the head to drop so that the neck becomes long, and take deep breaths in this position for a while.
9. Mountain pose( Tadasana): In this one, roll your body up and pull your stomach towards your back and bend your knees.
10. Cross your forearms: With your right hand in front of your left upper arm and your left arm weaved behind your right upper arm, press your heels into the floor, extending your tail bone to the ceiling. Shaking your head backward and forward free your neck. Stay in this position for at least three breaths and then release the arms from the crossed position.
11. Child pose(Balasana): Gently get to a kneeling position, and extend your hands in front of you, permit your torso to relax down and then back to your thighs, permitting a space in between your knees and if you can allow your buttocks and the heels of your feet to touch each other.
12. Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana): Stretch your tail bone down, and while your hands are together at chest level, breath in.
The vital elements of yoga entail meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation, and postures. These yoga elements aren’t exclusive and complement each other. However, breath is considered more important. It is considered as the guide in all yoga workouts. Breath in yoga offers both psychological and physical benefits.
When we have stress, we mostly shorten or hold our breath or even breathe in a stilted manner. Breathe has been proven as a stress reliever. Throughout Yoga classes, trainers always remind us to regulate our breath, which is one of the most beneficial yoga skills, and we should adopt even in our daily life.
Some of the breathing exercises that will come in handy with yoga include:
Belly breathing
• Comfortably sit with your eyes closed and legs in a crossed position.
• Breathe from the bottom of your belly, proceed to your chest, and fill the body with as much breath as possible, ensuring it reaches the throat.
• Breath out from your throat, chest, and belly
• Repeat this procedure at least five times.
Always combine breathe with the full movement of your body
• Starting in a child’s pose with knees on the ground and hips on your heels such that they are resting on your feet’s back and with hands outstretched forward, tuck your toes, lifting your hips up and back.
• Inhale, then exhale, lifting up and back into a downward dog.
• Repeat this five to 10 times
• Then rest in child’ pose.
In conclusion, if you are an athlete who may need some calm and relaxing yoga techniques, you can always try these pointed out here.


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