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Home Shop Accessories Door Anchor Resistance Band Set for Home Workout 11 piece set Exercise equipment

Door Anchor Resistance Band Set for Home Workout 11 piece set Exercise equipment


Keeping fit while at home

starts with having the right equipment and a routine that you follow. For most people, going to the gym nowadays is something that they fail to keep up with because of daily engagements that see them lack extra time on their hands that they could spend in a gym. If you are looking for a convenient way of working out while at home, then our Resistance Exercise Bands are what you need to get started.

We design these bands to help you develop strong arm, back, and shoulder muscles as well. Forget about the need to lift weights all the time to improve muscle tenacity in your arms and try one of these elastic bands for a change and an effective one at that.

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resistance band set

The bands can be anchored to your door or any other suitable surface in your house with much ease. We provide in the package, a door anchor that ensures your elastic band will not snap easily while you exercise. Additionally, we pack other essential items such as:

5 set elastic bands 2 handles 1 travel bag 1 ankle strap Workout guide
All this is to ensure that once you get your package, you get down to work immediately and start exercising.

Your convenience is our key priority when we manufacture our elastic bands. Each one of these bands will have different stretch values to allow you get the most out of the exercise pack. The stretch values that our bands support are;

Extra light – 10lbs Light – 15lbs Medium – 20lbs Heavy – 25lbs Extra heavy – 30lbs
We help you achieve your health and body goals by journeying with yor through your workout routine.

You will find our elastic bands convenient no matter your daily schedule and the workout guide will help you look better and feel better.

Not only can it thin thighs, waist, strengthen biceps, it can also treat muscle soreness.
This fitness band can strengthen the function of other body parts,
and eliminate excess body fat layer, so that your figure will become more fit.

Great for home-based strength training.
Allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group.
Both for men and women.Soft foam handles for comfortable use.


100% Brand new and high quality!
Long term use can beautify the human body curve, strengthen muscle lines, especially the the upper arm muscles.It also has a strong fitness effect.
Not only can it thin thighs, waist, strengthen biceps, it can also treat muscle soreness.
This fitness band can strengthen the function of other body parts,
and eliminate excess body fat layer, so that your figure will become more fit.
Great for home-based strength training.
Allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group.
Both for men and women.Soft foam handles for comfortable use.

Material: rubber latex
Rope length: 1.2m / 3.94ft

Workout set:
Set (11pcs)
5* resistance bands(Yellow: 10 LB,Red: 15LB,Blue: 20LB,Green: 25LB,Black: 30LB),1*anchor door,1*carrying bag,2*foam covered handles,2*ankle straps

 Inside the package
Set (17pcs)   
7*resistance bands(Yellow: 10 LB,Red: 15LB x2,Blue: 20LB,Green: 25LB,Black: 30LB x2)
1*anchor door
1*carrying bag
4*foam covered handles
2*ankle straps

Additional information

Weight 463 kg
Dimensions 280.00 × 370.00 × 50.00 cm



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