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How to break the cycle of not exercising

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Even people who love exercising at times get struck by live events that may cause them to get off track. It may be that sickness kicks in, family commitments occur or with time work builds up, causing your exercise routine to suddenly change from frequent to non-existent.

It can be frightening to have a good routine then suddenly the unexpected happens. While one may try afterward to regain the exercise schedule, it is sometimes hard. Most of those who try getting back to their routine often don’t do it right; sometimes they do it too fast, causing injuries such as tendinopathies or even overuse syndrome. It is can, however, be possible to break the cycle of not exercising. This article explores how to break the cycle while ensuring that one remains healthy.

Start Slow

Ensure that you don’t start your workout routine with rigorous exercises. Professionals recommend that you start with weekly workouts of three full-body strength, ensuring at least you take a day off in between to recover. Ensure that in each of the workout, you include exercises that should mainly focus on the main movement patterns, including hinge, squat, vertical push, lunge, vertical pull, carry and horizontal push.

Such workouts help, build your strength-back gradually without having to strain you much. After these first workouts, if you feel recovered and strong, you can increase the reps, sets or weight while reducing the time you rest between the workouts. If you are doing cardio workouts, this progression principle also applies. If your elliptical or treadmill sessions starts to feel comfortable, have a 10% intensity increase.

Set SMART goals.

Be straightforward on what you want to achieve with your renewed exercise routine. Ensure you set SMART goals. Below are how your SMART goals should be.
Specific: Do not just state that you want to get fit. Select the particular goal that will help get you fit. For example, five training sessions to achieve a weight loss goal.
After you have identified your particular goal, ensure that you can assess your progress. If you have a weight loss program, e.g. for three months, gauge your progress by having weekly targets and assess if you’ve achieved them.

Attainable: You don’t have to be afraid to set high goals. Setting high goals will always challenge you to work hard enough to ensure you attain them.
Relevant: Always keep your goals consistent with your abilities, needs and passions. If you, for example, can’t endure running choosing to train for a marathon may not be the best option. Instead, go for other workout options that you love
Time-bound: Just having a goal such as getting fit isn’t enough as it doesn’t have a timeline with which it should be achieved. Make a decision on the time limit when you expect to attain your goal by and have milestones to keep you on track.

Always focus yourself

While going for workouts as a group is awesome, don’t get yourself down if you aren’t able to cope with the intensity of their exercises. Each person’s body is unique and has a particular capability. Just stick to what is right for you. Never feel insecure if your group is doing way more workout that you can. Keep your focus on your abilities and goals. Just ensure that you are consistent with your goals and enjoy the journey.

Be accountable to someone

It has been proven that to ensure that we stick to our goals. It is essential that we have someone with whom we are accountable to, other than just ourselves. You can hire a trainer, join an online fitness challenge or have a weekly run with a date. This will always ensure you achieve success.
Have a backup plan

You will always have days that the workout you planned for are either unappealing or unmanageable. Such days you can be tempted to forego your workout and sit on the couch. However, it is essential to always remember that having something to do is always better than having none. Have a list of alternative workouts that you can always go for. Having a watered-down version of your workout for the days, you feel down will be great.

Activities such as swim laps or a bike ride are always great. Taking a holistic approach to your workouts rather than just taking a specific number of runs for the day, it is important that you think of your workouts holistically, this entails your stretching, recovery and cool down. Unless you are an experienced athlete, you shouldn’t outrightly expect pain-free workouts.

Instead have a realistic approach that focuses on flexibility and mobility. Ensure that you also include a recovery routine that should incorporate adequate cooldown time as well as daily stretching after workout sessions. You can also try out things such as having occasional visits to a physical therapist and regular body massages to make sure that each body part is working as it should. By carrying out these measures, it will help reduce any risk that may result, such as injuries.

For people with pre-existing conditions always consult a physician
If you’ve got a pre-existing condition that’s holding you back from having regular exercise sessions, it’s wise that you consult your doctor. Your doctor will always guide you on the appropriate exercise routine to follow. While certain individuals may not require to visit a doctor after a fitness routine for others, it may be necessary. This is mostly the case, especially for those with health issues such as lung and heart problems. A visit to a doctor will always be important to guide you on how to ensure you keep your condition is in check while also adhering to your fitness routine.

Exercising has been proven to be very beneficial to an individual’s overall health. While it can prove challenging to have a rigid exercise schedule, it is always possible to break the cycle of not exercising; one needs to adhere to the above tips.


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