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"Research shows that there are 6 different types of shoulder pains. Often times, people don't even feel until it's worse" Dr. Joshua Zimmerman

There is a solution. Keep, prevent and heal shoulder pain with the OC shoulder brace.

Excessive gym activity is often the cause of shoulder pain nowadays. If you feel even a slight tingling in your shoulder, be safe rather than sorry.

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You need the OC shoulder brace if you:

Had pain of?

√ Bursitis
√ Fractures
√ Rotator Cuff Tears
√ Tears and Sprains
√ AC Joint Dislocations
√ Tendon inflamation
√ Shoulder Impingement (Tendonitis)


√ Protection
√ No further injury
√ Compression
√ Support
√ Strengthening
√ Faster healing
√ Placebo effect & movement

Use it for?

√ Baseball
√ Basketball
√ Football
√ Decrease injury
√ Wear and play rugby
√ Perfect for Cricket
√ Overall Safety movement

Here is what customers are saying

This brace did wonders for my partially separated shoulder injury. I was re-injuring the shoulder as I slept. Brace came in last night and I slept with it on for the first time. This is the first morning where my shoulder did not really hurt when I woke up.


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I used it for 1 hour a day and already the shoulder pain due to ligament damage has been reduced by half for about half the day. So that's 50% of the original problem solved.


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I was very happy that it arrived so fast. I couldn't take the shoulder pain anymore. After I put it on, I can actually move my shoulder and do things around the house. This is something I hadn't been able to do since injuring my shoulder at the gym. Very happy.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐

This works better than I thought it would. I chose one of the cheaper ones because things like this never work for me. Although I wish the straps that goes around my body would be thicker, the product works.


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